Happy Customers

“Very professional and fast turnaround for my compounded medication. I actually got my medicine quicker than the local pharmacy could supply it, and it was actually less money. Hard to believe! I would highly recommend Dukasa Compounding.”
Sarah – Melbourne, Victoria

“Aspa and Kosta and the staff at Dukasa Compounding are the best! They care about you as a person, while other pharmacies just see it as their job. I had a situation where I needed a medication filled during closed hours, and they came through for me and my family. Highly recommend!!”
Tina – Melbourne, Victoria

“Their medication compounding service is fantastic. Because of allergy and health related issues, the typical prescription medications were causing more problems than positive results. My doctor worked with them to prepare a medication for me that had no negative side affects.
Marilyn – Melbourne, Victoria

“I’ve worked in customer service most of my life, and it’s so important to remember to compliment people when they do a great job. Dukasa Compounding always bends over backwards to answer my questions and I’m super happy with the service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Christine – Sydney, NSW

“I have struggled with migraines for 28 years. After a hysterectomy I was relieved of the daily migraines and struggled with many symptoms associated with surgical menopause. The only relief was with natural estradiol. Without my tiny daily dose I can’t focus at all. I revert back to the daily migraines of previous years. I would be lost without several of your products.”
Claire – Melbourne, Victoria

“It is with tears in my eyes that I thank Dukasa Compounding for saving my health and marriage with a special hormone replacement medication! It has turned my life around.”
Amelia – Melbourne, Victoria

“I was injured in 2007 and have dealt with many pharmacies since then. Of all the pharmacies I have dealt with, you are one of the best and most efficient. Thank you!”
Chris – Sydney, NSW